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 This is Ralph

 Ralph used to be so busy he had to cancel plans every single day.

 With the magic of LabLine Central, Ralph now has the time to give
Mr. Wiggles the thorough examination he needs!

The savings on staff time and postage, and fewer concerns about lost results letters, are just two of the payoffs. The best part is that patients just love to hear their doctor give them the results. What better return on investment than an improvement in doctor-patient relationships?

- Betty Prescott, manager and administrator
Jefferson Family Physicians
(quote taken from Physicians Practice Digest)



One thing patients need is personal contact with their physicians. One way Jefferson Family Physicians helps to strengthen those ongoing relationships in a growing practice is through LabLine [Central]... I can say 'Mrs. Jones, your lab results look fine. Your cholesterol is great. I want you to stay on your Lipitor and I'll see you in six months.' I think it gives patients a certain amount of comfort to be able to hear that kind of thing directly from their physician.

- Dr. Dewayne Darby, founder and president
Jefferson Family Physicians
(quote taken from M.D. News)



LabLine Central saves me time and communicates lab results to our patients in a convenient and timely fashion.    p.s. I love my LabLine!

- Dr. Al Olash, Jr.
Olash Medical Associates



LabLine Central is a convenient way to give patients their lab results. It cuts down on phone calls to and from patients; leaving employees more time to perform other tasks.

- Brenda Secor, office manager
Olash Medical Associates



LabLine Fever ... catch it!

- Dr. Bart Olash
Olash Medical Associates


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